Looking Back

This morning, I’ve been sitting at home in Houston, Tx at my kitchen table trying to think of what I should put in this last blog post. We did so many things, and there’s so much to say. But, I can think one word that sums up my feelings and experiences over the last seven weeks–grateful.

Zac said it first and best at our final dinner with Prof. Oliver at the Rugby Tavern. After we all talked–and a lot of us complained–about our internships, he reminded us that even though we may have been doing meaningless tasks at our jobs and could think of a lot of revisions we could make to the schedule, this had been an incredible summer. Sure, Bobby may not have thought his internship was helpful for anything he wanted to do in the future, Janie and I may have hated working from home, and Witt may have had a few ideas about how to change the Bath/Oxford weekend trips. But, we’ve all learned and done so much, and we have so many people and experiences to be grateful for.

First, during London Week we got to visit W&L alumni at firms across the city. We go to an amazing school with incredible alumni who wouldn’t think twice about taking an hour or so out of their day and welcoming 17 undergraduate students into their corporate offices. From Facebook to Hearst to Pembroke and EY, our alumni network is greater than most schools can shake a stick at. Second, We all owe a lot to our supervisors and co-workers for employing us and teaching us things about British culture we couldn’t pick up on just from reading Kate Fox’s “Watching the English.” Beyond them, there’s one British person we’re all most grateful for–Sara. She’s the perfect example of a proper British person, and a “mum” we all wish we could take back home to the States. Finally, we have our amazing Professors who had a wild idea years ago to create a pretty much perfect summer abroad experience that combined work, study, and fellowship into a seven week program.

So here’s to Prof. Oliver, Dean Jensen, Ms. Wager, and everyone else who helped make this summer one of–if not the best–summer of our lives. Cheers.


  • Grateful is the perfect way to summer up our experiences. This most expensive city in the free world may have taken all our pounds and pence, but what we walked away with was much more valuable. The gang at 18 Bedford Place has crunched the numbers, and it’s safe to say the laughs we had far outweighed the pounds we spent. I’m thankful for the 16 of y’all that made my summer as special as it was. I’m thankful for our jobs, and I’m thankful for Dr. Blick’s lessons. We’ll never fully be able to express how grateful we are for the mum you gave us in Ms. Sara, nor will we be able to thank everybody at W&L enough for putting together this trip of a lifetime. However, my last thank you goes to you Julia. Thanks for convincing me that I needed to apply for this London Program. Your peer pressure may have been one of the best decisions of my life. Cheers mate,

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