Reflection on the Seven Weeks

I feel like I arrived on the steps of 16 Bedford Place just a few days ago, but in just seven weeks I went from knowing nothing about the city to feeling like I lived there. My first day in London I was jet lagged, alone and unsure of what to do until 2 o’clock when I could move into the flat. I wandered around the area and found cool pubs, a craft beer place and lots of good shopping. Julia and I hopped on a bus to try an ice cream place that first night as a way to explore the city. It is funny looking back on that first day and realizing I didn’t know I had walked into covent garden, gone to my favorite pub, ordered a coffee at the place I would go before work every day and gone to the ice cream place would become my favorite and the last place Julia and I would go before heading back to the States.
After living in London for seven weeks I felt like it had become my second home, almost like how I call W&L home sometimes in Atlanta, which my mom hates. It took time to get accustomed to British humor, the different work environment and definitely the exchange rate, but I think overall we all grew very comfortable in the city. I am going to miss work and my coworkers. We had become close, which shows the difference between the British and American work environments. I also will miss the ability to walk or tube everywhere. I easily walked eight to ten miles a day whereas at home I drive everywhere. By the end of the trip, I felt like I could get anywhere I needed to without using google maps (which in my opinion is a good measurement of how well I know a city). Even though I could find my way around there was still always something knew to find and explore.
I definitely did not want to leave at the end of the trip, although I did miss air conditioning, cheap food and my puppy. I think what I will miss the most was living with everyone and how it forced us all to become so close. Although I am sure we will all stay friends, it is hard knowing that we will never all be living and doing everything together again.

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