Sunday June 5th – Landing and Unpacking

Today I landed at Heathrow around 11AM. I was lucky to have slept soundly on my long flight from Dallas, as it made adjusting to the time difference much easier than I remembered it being when I first flew to France in 2011. As I waited possibly 45 minutes for both of my checked bags to be delivered via a tiny conveyor belt, I realized that London was going to be much hotter than I previously expected. The baggage claim area was stuffy and hot, with no A/C – a luxury I have taken for granted as a Texas native. After picking up my luggage, I walked out of the airport to find my driver waiting for me with my name on a sign. Though he seemed nice, the 50 minute drive to my apartment was a long and silent one because I could not understand a word he said. It never occurred to me that I would have a difficult time understanding people in a country where English is the official language. Nevertheless, I felt my anticipation growing the closer we got to London. By the time we finally arrived at 19 Bedford Place, I thought I was going to burst with excitement! My 1PM arrival left me an hour to kill before I could check into my flat, so I set off to find the closest EE store with the help of some questionable directions given by the Bedford Place concierge. I was delighted to see just how central the location of my flat is as I passed Russell Square (which sits directly at the end of Bedford Place), the British Museum (just half a block away!), and many cute cafés and shops. After getting more accurate directions from a few locals, I made it to the EE store within 20 minutes and was greeted by a cheerful employee who sold me a generous cell phone plan with plenty of data for me to burn through. Because the trip was so quick and easy, I still had time left to grab lunch, so I decided to eat at the most British-sounding place that I saw on my route: Ale & Pie! After a quick lunch of steak pie and mash, I headed back to Bedford Place to move in. The apartment is very spacious, with plenty of kitchen utensils for me to cook with. After unpacking, the crew over for a quick chat over biscuits and digestives and then split up for dinner. Hermione and I went to Punjab, one of the three oldest Indian restaurants in London that was absolutely amazing – thanks, Yelp! By the time we got home, we were absolutely exhausted and hit the hay.


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