Starting Work

After having worked six years in golf course outside operations, this is my first experience in a larger office environment. For that reason, it is hard for me to separate what differences are cultural and which are reflective of the vocational setting.

I am working for an NGO that, in its simplest form, tries to positively influence youths through sport. After a full week on the job, I am still trying to grasp the different mechanisms used to pursue their mission. I am going to be working under three different managers in a pseudo rotation. My favorite experience has been working for their marketing department. My first day I wrote an article for their website and I am more involved outside of the office.

Despite, the very friendly atmosphere, I am surprised with how much communication goes on the computer. I shared a desk with one of my managers and we would communicate almost exclusively through email – despite being 4 feet away. This Thursday we rented out a viewing area for the England Whales Euro cup match. I am really glad it came at the end of the week as it was a great social experience and I got two talk the two of the other interns – one Italian and one American. This casual workplace attitude may be unique to my organization, but judging from my classmate’s posts it seems they had similar experiences.

I was a little skeptical of my internship at first. Let Me Play, while delightful, didn’t seem to have the cachet of working in Parliament or Lloyds. However, in only a few days, I feel like an appreciated member of the workplace. This sentiment was best illustrated when the head director personally thanked me for helping out. I look forward to seeing my role expand even more in the coming weeks.


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