Black Pudding is Not Good

You may not believe this, but wearing a suit doesn’t come naturally to me. When I decided to come on this internship trip, I realized I was going to have to seriously increase the breadth of my wardrobe. I’ve had plenty of jobs before, but none of them had a dress code that included anything more serious than flip-flops. Washing boats, teaching surf lessons, and coaching soccer didn’t exactly prepare me with the proper skill set for a “real world job.” But here we are, and I’m having a blast.

Working at the Parliament was almost too surreal for me to believe. I’m in the opportunity of a lifetime and I love every second of it. Going to work in the morning, I walk out of the subway and am looking straight at a colossal Big Ben. Then, I walk straight through the front door. After a very touchy security screening, I head up to my Member of Parliament’s office. It took my boss all of 30 minutes to catch on to my lack of office experience, but the learning curve isn’t too painful.

I’m attaining a brand new skill set. I’m successfully proficient on the laminating machine, the letter opener is a breeze, and I think I have finally figured out Excel. I’m definitely filling the role of intern, but this job is so much cooler than just that. I’ve got a security pass that gets me into any room in the entire Parliament, and I can bring friends in too. I’ve had breakfast on the Parliamentary terrace and watched MPs conduct business over a cup of tea. If you happened to be watching the evening news in southern India, you would have seen me in an awards ceremony streamed from the House of Commons. I’ve visited the Prime Minister’s office and watched the England futbol game in the Social Room of the Parliament with a load of drunken Parliamentarians. I love my job, the people are incredible, and by the end of the trip I hope I’ll finally get used to wearing this monkey suit.

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