First Week at Work

Monday afternoon I received an email from my boss with a list three addresses and corresponding times to arrive at each.  Without any other information about what to expect I prepared to spend most of the day behind a desk like my previous internship experience. After a 30 minute commute to the first address I found myself in a small café looking for a woman named Rosie who apparently would lead me around the rest of the day. I saw business men headed to work, women with their children eating pastries and a few people sipping coffee and reading. I ordered a cup of coffee and waited for Rosie (Keep in mind I did not know what she looked like, I did not have her number and I did not even know her last name).

Overhearing the table behind me, I discovered the café’s basement held various children’s events. Making my way down a back stairwell I walked into a room filled with small children and a woman in a T-shirt and jeans who I assumed was Rosie. I awkwardly introduced myself and she invited me to sit and join in the first “workshop.” We led children in songs, read to them, painted and essentially babysat them. Rosie took me to two more similar workshops that day and by the end I found my “business casual” outfit splattered in rainbow paint and children’s fingerprints.

As the week went on I assisted the programs which helped children with learning disabilities improve self confidence and speech abilities. I helped fill out files to help Artburst receive more funding and I spoke with Amy, the creator of Artburst, about the challenges in creating the business. As the only intern I am able to work in all areas of the company and see how the business runs. Despite loving the chance to work with children all day, I am excited to see the business as a whole and carry the knowledge back to the States where I am currently working on starting a non-profit with a similar focus at W&L.

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