Work Week 1

I was able to experience a great breath of activities and fields in my first week of my internship.  I spoke with all members in my office about their particular tasks at Business Launchpad, which comprised of accounting, administration, business counselling, finance, fundraising, marketing, design, and internal development.  I spent my first day of my internship meeting the different people in the office.  BLP is a small organization with an entrepreneurial spirit, hence it has a horizontal hierarchy that encourages all people in the office to work together regardless of their actual position.  This leads to a hands on team environment that provides holistic solutions to tasks.  Because of BLP’s nature, I have opportunities with a large variety of the aforementioned fields.  On Wednesday, I got my first group of tasks, which was concerned with looking at marketing and social media.  I analyzed BLP’s current social media sites and websites in order to find ways to increase their brand awareness within their target audience, young entrepreneurs ages 16-30.  I had a meeting with their website designer and we spoke about the organization, color scheme, information, and pictures already on the website, and how they can be arranged to create interactive site for young people looking at the site for the first time.  After that meeting, I moved on to creating a marketing program that we will launch on social media.  The goal of this program is to expand the reach of Business Launchpad.  We are initially trying to hit the local area around Tooting hard, then expand out from there.  We are working to find a brand ambassador that we can partner with to enforce BLP’s persona as innovative and young.  I am also working on ways to increase the personal interaction between BLP’s employees and young students in school, with the hope of creating a pipeline so the business flow will stay strong and consistent.  This week I have done lots of critical thinking that is fun and challenging, and I am very happy to be working with such a diverse group of individuals.

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