An Office for Everyone

Just a few of the delicacies at Timber Yard.
Just a few of the delicacies at Timber Yard.

In today’s day and age, people always talk about work-life balance and the benefits of working remotely. While I have always been a little doubtful of the working from home concept, I was excited to be able to experience it first first-hand. My internship with a tech start-up consists of corresponding by Skype for three weeks and then working in office for the remaining time. Each week will be different task, meaning it will be an exciting fast-paced, learn on the go type internship.

This week consisted of looking at a combination of advertising opportunities and conferences happening in the tech industry. I thought that my largest challenge would be learning the tech industry and its terms, but it is the work environment that I am struggling with. I have always found it easy to concentrate on a task for long periods at a time, yet I really struggled with doing so in our flat. Hence, I took my work with me to Timber Yard, a café dedicated to providing a productive workspace and catering to lifestyle needs in London. The atmosphere is lovely, with background music and a rustic feel. What struck me the most was that everyone around me was also working on something – one man was studying another language, while another group was discussing business models. It was reassuring to know that I wasn’t the only one working!

While I enjoyed my morning at Timber Yard, I must say that I enjoy having an office to go into more. Even though I was surrounded by other people in deep concentration and am emailing my supervisor daily, it is difficult to get a feel for the job without an office. Work-life balance is definitely important, but for me, I do not think working remotely for long periods of time will be something I look for in my future career.

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