Putting the Best Foot Forward

Big Ben“You never have a second chance to make a first impression,” my dad told me last week as I was packing for our trip to London, “so make sure it’s a good one.” He was encouraging me to make sure I got off to a strong start at my internship, and unbeknownst to us I would have that chance on our
first day of London Week. Last Monday morning (June 6), our W&L group made its first company visit of the trip to The Channel Syndicate, the company I am interning with this summer which is a specialty insurance group that operates in the Lloyd’s of London market. There on our first visit, I got to meet my new teammates and bosses, while asking questions and learning about working in Political and Credit Risks insurance, and was left with the first impression that I am really going to like my internship. Our group spent the rest of the week getting a first impression of jobs with all different types of companies, ranging from the corporate suits of investment banking to the magical candy and nap-pod filled land of Facebook. One of my goals coming into the London trip was to get a better sense of where I want to work after college, and following this week I think I am starting to narrow in on that. We also got a unique first impression of the London weather this week: warm and sunny, as opposed to the traditional rainy and dreary. Every person we spoke to assured us that the good times would not last, and that the weather would soon enough turn British again. Likewise, other first impressions can be fleeting; it is important to not use them to make definitive judgments. In a week full of first impressions, it will be the work and play from here on out that will leave us with the lasting impression of our London experience

  • It’s week number two back at home, and I’m missing London and all you guys like crazy. I decided to click all the way back to our first posts and reminisce. This post made me think back to our visit at Channel, and Witt, you nailed your first impression. At the end of the visit, one of the higher ups gave us that same piece of great advice good ole Bryan Hawkins did. He said to always dress and act the part, no matter how low on the totem pole you may be. He said to do exactly the opposite of what Kade Spears did–not show up 10 minutes late with a cup of Starbucks in your hand on the first day. He also joked that a white shirt and blue blazer (the traditional Lloyds attire) was the move. I remember you were a little nervous that first day, but you asked great questions, and luckily, had on a white shirt and blue blazer.

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