Mahiki Mondays

Uncharted waters. It’s the phrase my dad has been using to describe my summer internship in London. And he’s exactly right. This summer I’m sailing through uncharted waters, passing “first’s” left and right It’s my first time travelling to Europe. I’ve never lived in a town bigger than 8,000 people, let alone a city the size of London. This is my first summer not working at the local surf shop at home. I’ve eaten my first meat pie, curry, and paid to used the restroom for the first time ever. I’m learning to keep an eye out for pick-pocket thieves, starting to get used to cars driving on the left side of the road, and am proud to have finally downloaded Uber for the first time. It’s a summer of first’s, with a new first impression at every turn.

If our first week has been any kind of standard to measure on, this is going to be the most incredible 7 weeks I’ve ever experienced. I came into college undecided, but on a pre-med route. By the end of sophomore year, I had stayed undecided, but now on a politics route. And in the past 5 days, I’ve switched between wanting to be an insurance underwriter, an accountant, news anchor, and any job that can get me in the door at Facebook. I’ve transitioned from the basement party culture of W&L to this pub and club scene that the UK is so proud of. I’ve learned the hard way that Jager bombs in the most expensive city in the free world is going to hurt my wallet far more than my pride. Cooking spaghetti is a whole lot easier if you remember to put water in the pot, and apparently cricket actually is a sport that people watch. Everything about this summer in London has been a first impression, and I’ve learned they go a lot smoother if you come into it with an open mind.

Looks like dad was right about these first impressions; they’re uncharted water. There’s a learning curve with every foreign experience. Now, it’s up to us to try and learn a little more with each new first. We’ve got 6 more weeks to figure it out, and I can’t wait.

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