First Impressions

Regent Park

After getting over the initial 48 hours in which I slept a  grand total of four hours, I was actually able to fully  comprehend what I was seeing and get a sense of what  living in London would be like. I visited London in high  school, but the teacher that went with us was from  London, so we either were with him or went to places he  recommended. Obviously, living and working on my own  in London will be a completely different experience than  being on a high school trip. The first thing I realized will  take time to get the hang of is the Tube. I have only really  used public transportation when I lived in New York City  one summer. My goal is to stop having to use my phone every time I try to get from point A to point B. Another thing that quickly became apparent is how much more parks and overall greenness there is in London than many cities in the U.S. I spent Thursday afternoon running/walking in Regent Park, and it is probably the prettiest public park I have ever seen.

Although London is definitely one of my favorite cities, there are a few things that are inconveniences one would never have in the U.S. For instance, I went to buy Advil from Tesco and not only was there an extremely limited amount of over-the-counter meds, but they also ID’d me for my Advil. Additionally, you have to pay 50 pence for public restrooms which is a bit frustrating. The exchange rate will also be something to get used to (as well as wiping out my checking account), but once I paid $40 for a case of Gatorade in the Bahamas so I guess it could be worse. But I know once we’re here for a couple of weeks, I’ll get used to everything that is now new to me. London is a truly amazing city and I am lucky that I have the opportunity to live here for almost two months.

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