First Impressions

I believe first impressions cary more weight than one would think before giving it further consideration. Be it a first impression of a person, a place, or a thing, it is a memory that you associate with said person, place, or thing forever–good or bad. Now I’m not saying that impressions¬†can not be changed, as they often are, but it your first impression is an instinctual opinion made before growing comfortable with something. I think that in itself carries a lot of weight as I am one who often trusts my instincts. As far as this summer, there are a lot of firsts to experience here in London. First time on the tube, first time getting lost, first time meeting new people who talk funny. It is through these firsts experiences and their lasting impressions that you learn and grow. It is always nice to stick to what you’re already comfortable with, but stepping out and experiencing new ‘firsts’ can be as exciting as it can be terrifying. This being said, I think it is important for us to experience as much as we can while were here, for better or for worse, because I know that at least personally I will not have another opportunity such as this one for a long time.¬†Tonight, I am excited to have a first impression of watching European football game and seeing the fans. While we have our own popular sports in the United States, I am interested to see how the English culture treats this sport and what it means to them.


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