First Impressions

London Sun

Talk to anyone in London and the conversation will start with a comment on the weather. At first I ignored this unwritten rule of British conversation and just assumed the city loved to complain about their rain, but last Friday I realized the entire city’s mood completely revolves around the weather.

IMG_0525 (1)On a sunny Friday afternoon, Julia and I jogged around the neighborhood to explore the area. Running to the park in t-shirts and tennis shoes, we stuck out in the crowded streets full of stylish Brits leisurely hanging out in pubs and enjoying the beginning of their weekend. The rare sunshine appeared to pull all of London out of their offices and homes to relax, drink and enjoy the Friday afternoon with their city. As we turned the corner, someone shouted “head to the pub! You will have more fun there!” Unlike New York or Atlanta where people get off work and meet up with the same people at the same places, London has a much more welcoming social scene with people wanting to meet new faces.

This unique social culture cannot be found in cities in the States, and I realized the difference was the weather. Not only do they all have something to say about the weather, each knows the right response will relate the forecast to the quintessential London rain. This talk of weather is one of the common threads that all Brits can agree on and therefore it pulls them together and reinforces this unique social culture that I have not seen anywhere else.

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